What is Boulder FoodTech?

Boulder FoodTech is working to build a community of passionate people focused on the intersection of Food and Technology. 

We do this through a series of networking meetups, speakers and events to educate and inspire, and other community gatherings.

Our events are an opportunity for those interested in how technology is impacting the food system to come together to network, learn, collaborate, and discuss new ideas and models that are building a better future for food!

What does "FoodTech" mean?

Globally, food and agriculture ("agrifood") is a >$8 trillion industry. Agrifood is responsible for feeding the planet and employing more than 40% of it. 

Technology is quickly and increasingly disrupting this industry across the entire food value chain - that is to say, all the way from the farm to the fork!

The collection of companies disrupting this value chain is defined by a growing segment of the startup universe referred to as "FoodTech".

This includes solutions focused on farm productivity and management, new growing and distribution models, e-commerce and tech driven grocery chains, restaurant and food service platforms, and even new CPG concepts.

Why does this matter?

Food is at the foundation of our health, our energy, our community, our culture, our families.

Unfortunately, the quality and stability of the global food system is at risk. Why?

  • Population growth: global population is expected to reach 9 billion in 2050

  • Climate change: global warming and severe weather threatens key crop growing areas of the world

  • Limited natural resources: land and water are not infinitely available despite significant population growth

  • Food waste: 40% of food grown in the U.S. is wasted; food loss and waste account for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Health & Wellness: health issues and chronic disease (e.g., obesity and diabetes) can be linked to poor food

  • Consumer demand shifts: consumers demand less processed food and more meat; the ability to change and satisfy new diets is paramount

The need for innovation is incredibly important! We hope to further this effort by bringing together a community of smart driven people focus on bringing technology to the food system!