What is FoodTech?

Thank you to everyone that came out for our first Education and Discussion Series on “Understanding Opportunities in FoodTech.” The Startup Hub at the Village Center at CU is a great space and we look forward to being there again in a few weeks!

For those who missed the presentation, here are the questions we discussed with a link to the slides and some links to the reports and resources used below:

Questions Discussed

  1. What is the Food System? What are its pieces?

  2. What is FoodTech / AgTech?

  3. Why does creating change in the food system matter?

  4. Why Tech? Why Now?

  5. Where in the system is Tech creating change? What is the opportunity?

  6. Some considerations in the tech approach…

Link to Presentation

“Feeding The Future: Understanding Opportunities in FoodTech”

Presented by Joe Matta on January 30, 2019

Resources for Reference

  1. AgFunder News, “What is AgriFood Tech?” (August 2017)

  2. Citi GPS: Global Perspectives & Solutions, “Feeding the Future: How Innovation & Shifting Consumer Preferences Can Help Feed a Growing Planet” (November 2018)

  3. World Economic Forum , “Innovation with a Purpose: The role of technology innovation in accelerating food systems transformation” (January 2018)

  4. Springmann et. al., in Nature, “Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits” (2018)

  5. McKinsey & Company, “Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores” (December 2015)

  6. CB Insights. “Feeding the Future: The startups and technologies transforming the ways our food gets grown, stored, shipped, and sold” (2017)

  7. Fast Company. “What the future of food means to Dan Barber and Kimbal Musk.” January 2018.